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Running down that aisle: the unstoppable rise of wedding trainers

By Zoe Williams

Jimmy Choo has a £500 metallic pair and Kate Spade has brought out a whole ‘bridal range’ of plimsolls. Finally, brides can walk down aisles like actual humans!

Classically, the problem with wearing trainers to your own wedding would have been that they didn’t cost enough: nuptial economics dictate that everything has to cost 10 times more than usual, otherwise it looks as though you don’t really care.

Jimmy Choo has solved this knotty matter with a pair of metallic plimsolls costing more than £500; Roger Vivier has some crystal embellished laceless ones for 870 quid, so nobody could ever accuse you of failing to invest in your big day. And so trainers at weddings have become so acceptable that Kate Spade has brought out a “bridal range” – a selection of mid-market sparkly trainers for every occasion, so long as you end up married at the end of it.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2019/mar/18/running-down-that-aisle-the-unstoppable-rise-of-wedding-trainers