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Gucci’s New Changemakers Project Commits to Diversity

MILAN — Gucci is launching a new global program called Changemakers in its ongoing effort to support a shift in the industry and to foster unity through community action. This follows the company’s announcement last month of the first of four long-term initiatives to achieve cultural diversity and awareness throughout its organization and activities globally, following accusations in February that a Gucci balaclava-style sweater evoked blackface.
Gucci Changemakers includes a fund for a total of $5 million over five years and a $1.5 million four-year scholarship program in North America. In addition, Gucci is fostering a global employee-volunteering framework that will fuel the company’s commitment to creating lasting social impact in communities and within the fashion industry.
The Changemakers Fund will invest in community-based programs in cities across North America. In particular, it will focus on building strong connections and opportunities within the African-American community, among others. To this end, the Italian fashion group will rely on advice from and support of a Changemakers Council, which is being formed, made up of community leaders and social change experts. It is being conceived to ensure transparency, accountability and long-term impact. At the moment it includes the following:
• fashion activist Bethann Hardison, who attended

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