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Elizabeth Emanuel Launches Couture Label Worn by Priyanka Chopra, Cher

LONDON — What do Priyanka Chopra, Cher and Princess Diana have in common? They’ve all been dressed by Elizabeth Emanuel. While her name is most often mentioned in the same sentence as the late princess, there’s a lot more to Emanuel than the famous, 25-foot-long wedding gown she created with her then-husband David Emanuel.
In the years since that iconic wedding dress, Emanuel has kept rather quiet, working on a variety of retail projects, designing for the theater and building up a high-profile clientele for her one-off designs. Now she’s launching a couture line named Elizabeth, Paris 1902.
“I think of it more as launching with a full collection, whereas before I’d do a capsule collection and a few outfits. This time, I’ve created pants, shirts, gowns etc.,” she said, adding that she added the Paris 1902 for aesthetic flourish. “I started doing calligraphy and I found something that said Paris 1902 and it just looked nice. It doesn’t really mean anything.”
Emanuel describes the collection as “discovering a future vintage outfit,” and, to wit, her inspirations are mined from history, including Virginia Woolf’s novel “Orlando,” vintage Lanvin silhouettes and the film “Death in Venice.”
During an interview at her basement studio in Maida Vale, she

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