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Top of the crops: the UK’s 10 best barber shops

By Ashley Clarke

From no frills to rockabilly speakeasy, we pick the best hair-cutting joints for men

While you might only visit one every six weeks – to have your quiff managed perhaps, or your number 3 buzzed into a number 2.5 – the humble barbershop plays a significant role in the male experience. Consider its colourful history. In the middle ages, barbers performed surgery and dentistry. And the barber’s chair has long stood in for the therapist’s chaise longue, providing customers with the kind of reassuring safe space required by men before opening up about their feelings comfortable, confiding their deepest worries and inner secrets.

Moral support aside, the barbershop’s hair-primping purpose remains. As anyone who saw Timothée Chalamet’s pageboy cut for his role in King Henry V will know, the right (or wrong) haircut can swing the needle on your attractiveness-metre rather dramatically, no matter how eye-gougingly beautiful you might be in the first place. So whether you’re in need of a little facial topiary, a comprehensive barnet overhaul, or just somewhere to have a natter, making the right choice is important. From Redruth to Peckham, here’s our pick of the top 10 barbershops across the UK.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/mar/17/top-of-the-crops-the-uk-10-best-barber-shops