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Evolution of man: the rise and rise of the male wellness sector

By Alex Moshakis

Men now spend millions on grooming products – but why are they putting their faith in pills and potions?

Men, your body is a battlefield. Your skin is sagging. Your hair is thinning. Your insides are screaming for holistic renewal. This is ageing – breathe, it’s natural – but it’s war nevertheless, and the common moisturiser has become too basic a defence. Need new strategies? Fear not, reinforcements are here! Call up your super anti-ageing serum (£265). Enlist your seaweed cleanser (£34). Recruit your biotin vitamin gummies (£12 for 60). “Future you thanks you,” say copywriters employed by the men’s health and wellness brand Hims, which sells the gummies and has hired, it seems, at least one clairvoyant. It is time to be well!

Hims sits on the frontline of the battle for the reinvigorated you, offering supplies. “You should look and feel your best all the time,” its website encourages. Included in its arsenal are a vitamin C serum (“Good morning, handsome”); a wrinkle cream (“Like a time machine for your face”); a performance anxiety aid (“You can’t give a helluva motivating speech when your throat is tight, guy”); and sertraline, a prescription antidepressant that can be used, curiously, to combat premature ejaculation. (Established in the US in 2017, Hims launched in the UK earlier this year with a limited catalogue, the majority of its products at the mercy of stringent European regulations.) Unlike certain women’s brands, which have decided the best thing to do is name marquee products with entire sentences, Hims titles tend toward the straightforward. The brand’s shampoo, which “adds volume” by blocking the hormone that contributes to male pattern baldness, is called “Shampoo”. Onward to great hair!

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/mar/17/evolution-of-man-the-rise-and-rise-of-the-male-wellness-sector