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Tables Turn: Fern Mallis to Face the Muse

And now, the questioner will be questioned.
Behind a calm and resolute exterior, Fern Mallis elicits surprising confessions from even the most reticent of subjects. Mallis, who probes fashion figures for the 92nd Street Y’s Fashion Icon series, on March 26 at 7 p.m. will find herself on the receiving end of the questioning when she submits to an interview by Bevy Smith, host of Sirius XM’s “Bevelations.”
“I’m a little nervous,” Mallis admitted. “This has been talked about for a couple of years. I keep putting it off and saying, ‘It’s not about me.’ When the Y told me March 26 was available, which is actually my birthday, I finally said, OK. We talked about a lot of different journalists. Years ago, when this first came up, I asked Katie Couric [who said yes]. When the reality of it happened, I thought of Bevy.”

Fern Mallis and Iris Apfel
Andrew Morales/WWD

Mallis said she’s done a few radio shows with Smith and feels comfortable with her. “Bevy has spunk and she has a good following,” Mallis said. “She’s always respected me through the years.”
Asked if she’ll do anything to prepare for her interview, Mallis said, “I may diet a little bit beforehand.”
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