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How a 50-Year-Old Small-Town Retailer Is Winning Over Denver Consumers

Like many sisters, Lauren Polk Brown and Zoe Polk are on the phone multiple times a day. However, their conversations are mainly about business. The two run day-to-day operations for Boulder, Colo.-based Pedestrian Shops, a fashion comfort store founded by their father, Richard, 50 years ago that now counts three locations.
It was Zoe Polk, 27, who last fall encouraged her family to open a third door in nearby Denver. “We weren’t actively scouting a location,” said Polk, who found a circa-1880s building to house the new 1,400-square-foot store. “As a young person in my role as the store’s [operations manager], I wanted to grow the business into something that would be my own as well as a legacy for my dad.”
Richard Polk began selling Earth shoes out of a bookmobile in 1969, opening his first storefront on Boulder’s Pearl Street the following year. The second location debuted at the city’s Village Shopping Center in the early 1980s.
With encouragement from his daughters, the retail veteran was finally ready to take on Denver. “We wanted to know if what we do is unique to Boulder or if it would translate to a more urban environment,” he said. “We wanted to know if the brand had value.”
To the family’s surprise, Denver consumers responded well and were even interested in the same products as their suburban counterparts. “The first

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