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Marc Jacobs attempts to dismiss copyright lawsuit from Nirvana

By Ben Beaumont-Thomas

Designer argues that Nirvana may not own the copyright to the ‘smiley face’ logo designed by Kurt Cobain

Lawyers for fashion designer Marc Jacobs have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit made against him by the estate of the band Nirvana, which accuses him of copyright infringement.

The designer’s Grunge Redux collection features a cartoon “smiley face” very similar to the one used by Nirvana as their logo, along with the word “Heaven” printed in the distinctive serif typeface used by the band. The lawsuit, filed in early January, argues that Jacobs intentionally used “Nirvana’s copyrighted image on and to promote its products” in an “oppressive, fraudulent and malicious” manner. It argued for monetary damages and for the clothes to be removed from sale.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/mar/12/marc-jacobs-dismiss-copyright-lawsuit-nirvana-smiley-face