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Exclusive: Nikita Dragun Debuts Cosmetics Brand Dragun Beauty

Nikita Dragun has laid an egg — a purple one caked in crystals, at that.
The Asian-American beauty influencer, who has accumulated millions of online followers for sharing her journey as a transgender woman, is launching Dragun Beauty, a cosmetics company. The label, which launches March 25, is just one of a few created and owned by a transgender person. According to Dragun, it is for transgender people — and for all.
“I’ve always been obsessed with the art of transformation,” said Dragun, the self-appointed “chief dragun officer” of Dragun Beauty. “As an artist, I was more obsessed with how makeup could change your face and that you could be the architect of your own beauty. Transitioning, it was the biggest thing for me to hide male features and make them more feminine and be able to play with my face to be more passable to people.”

Nikita Dragun
Elena De Santiago/WWD

Dragun Beauty, which has been in the works for at least a year, makes its debut with two complexion products. The first, called the DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion, $25, is a customizable color corrector formulated with vitamins E and A. The second product is the DragunHeart Transformation Face Powder, $35, which incorporates cocoa

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