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Aging Millennials Soothe Themselves With Childlike Fashions

Pastel hair clips, Mary Janes, pink striped satin dresses and polar fleece jackets are in demand these days among Millennials, who are “prolonging” their youth with escapist purchases that remind them of their wee years.
Millennials are finally getting older — the greenest of the bunch is now edging toward their 30s. Notoriously late to marriage, childbirth and home ownership in light of stagnant salaries and student debt, each purchase feeds a certain nostalgia, harking back to a time before pressures of work, social media and uncertainty.
This soothing escapism has become a major trend. “I think we are all just hungry for candy,” said accessories designer Susan Korn, proprietor of the brand Susan Alexandra. Korn has made a name for herself with upbeat style — her beaded handbags, often embellished with fruits, flowers and chandelier crystals, are the carryall versions of pastille sweets. Sparkly and colorful, nearly 15,000 of her bags have been sold thus far.

Copenhagen designer Emilie Helmstedt’s fairy-tale-inspired debut collection.
Sarah Stenfeldt Hansen

Korn designed the style shortly after turning 30 — a subconscious, knee-jerk reaction, she feels, to a birthday sometimes considered as apocalyptic. “We are all suffering from mental exhaustion from technology and other focuses around us. Things used

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