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Hands Off: Luxury Brands Mark Their Territory as Competition Stiffens

It may be the age of the short-term rental, from Airbnb and city bicycle schemes to Rent the Runway and Armarium, but the same isn’t true for the big luxury brands. For them, it’s all about ownership. They want to own color, a style or — in the case of Bally — vast swathes of Earth.
Riccardo Tisci has repeatedly stated that Burberry “owns” beige, while Paul Andrew, the newly named creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo, said before the fall 2019 show that the brand wants to “own” color. A few hours later, Bally’s chief executive officer Frédéric de Narp talked about Bally “owning” the mountains.
These brands are certainly an acquisitive bunch, although many would argue that ownership is critical to a brand’s survival, from an image and revenue point of view.
Ownership pays dividends, say industry observers, and helps a brand cut through the noise in the market. It’s also a calling card, and a safe one, at that. The color beige can’t get drunk, unruly or arrested like a celebrity brand ambassador might. Ownership also helps to fortify a brand’s identity; if a brand loses its focus, and stops protecting and promoting its signature color, style, pattern or silhouette, someone

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