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Dover Street Market Stands Behind Cultured Diamonds

LONDON — The concept of man-made diamonds remains a divisive topic, but Dover Street Market is standing behind the industry trend and inviting some of the contemporary fine jewelers it works with to experiment with cultured stones.
As part of a tie-in with the Diamond Foundry, the San Francisco-based producer of above-ground diamonds, the retailer invited jewelers Delfina Delettrez, Ana Khouri, Sophie Bille Brahe, Raphaele Canot, Hum and Hanrod to create capsules using stones by the Diamond Foundry.
While the resulting collection varies in aesthetics and price points — the range is from $1,875 to $136,905 — all designers found common ground in their flair for experimentation and their commitment to offering ethical products.
“I am fascinated by the future and by the experimentation. It’s interesting to offer people the possibility of having an ethical value on top of the value the diamond already has. For many people the ethical value is as important as the value of the stone,” said Delettrez, whose collection features ear cuffs or rings that bring together different diamond cuts, often drilled with silver piercings.
“I took inspiration from the classicism of the stone, with a punk touch added by the piercing that is drilled through the diamond. That

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