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CEO Talks: Pomellato’s Sabina Belli

MILAN — “Buy the building.”
The expression stands for thinking outside the box and it was instrumental in “unblocking” Sabina Belli’s modus operandi. Pomellato’s chief executive officer in her recently published book shares this pivotal moment when an unnamed “great visionary” she reported to at the time taught her to go beyond preconceived limitations.
After putting together a series of options, spreadsheets and calculations with her team in order to find a way to overcome a steep rent increase in a prestigious store location, Belli was left speechless when the alternative was offered to her. “Why don’t you buy the building?” she was told.
“This option opened up incredible horizons, it authorized the possibility to think big,” said Belli, speaking from her light-filled office at Pomellato’s modern and sleek headquarters here, with a view on the garden and small pond placed within the gates of the property. “It helped me imagine what I couldn’t think possible. We all limit ourselves and as women even more so — and often ambition is seen as a fault.”
Belli is eloquent and frank, yet soft-spoken. She is elegant and — after years spent in France, has a “je ne sais quoi” chicness, wearing a dark blouse lit up

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