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Consumer Data Tech Company True Fit Reaches 100 Million Registered Users Worldwide

As brands and retailers look for new ways to connect with consumers, a popular strategy has been to utilize data to personalize each shopper’s journey. This has led to a rise in personalization technology, with platform True Fit announcing a milestone of 100 million registered users on Tuesday morning.
The announcement comes after True Fit introduced three new products in 2018: True Discovery, an AI-driven tool that aids product recommendation; True Insight, a series of back-end dashboards for easy data visualization; and True 360, a service that combines data from across the True Fit platform to create comprehensive profiles of each unique shopper. These products all use data from True Fit’s Fashion Genome, which is the world’s largest connected data set for apparel and footwear.
“Underneath our Fashion Genome is really a structured set of very detailed preferences for consumers, and very detailed attributes for clothing and shoes, and we use the power of AI to put it together to personalize the assortment to you,” said William Adler, CEO of True Fit.
A personalized experience at a favorite brand or retailer could mean having products automatically filtered by a customer’s registered size or getting recommendations tailored to their taste. At DSW, the launch

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