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Brie Larson Cried When She Saw Young Girls Dressing Up as Captain Marvel

Arriving at the New York screening for her new film, “Captain Marvel,” in a sequined Rodarte two-piece outfit, Brie Larson talked about how her titular character’s superhero uniform has made its own impact during her press tour, where scores of young girls have shown up to premieres wearing the red and blue suit.
“I cried,” the actress said on the first time she saw girls dressing up like her character. “For me, I make these movies because I’m an introvert and I was home-schooled. I always felt that the things I was feeling, only I was feeling them, so I started making movies as a way to express those things and they’re like messages in a bottle. These press moments, weirdly, they’re the only time I’m around people who see what I do. That’s the only time I get to be like, ‘oh, you feel the same way I do.’”
Hosted by The Cinema Society at the Henry R. Luce Auditorium on Wednesday night, the film’s screening brought together the likes of Debra Messing, Zachary Quinto, Padma Lakshmi and Morena Baccarin, among others.
“Captain Marvel” is the 21st film in the Marvel Studios franchise and first to feature a female-led superhero. Set in

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