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Adidas Teams With Twitter and Intersport to Live-stream High School Girls’ Sports

LIVE ACTION SPORTS: High school sports are practically a religion in certain U.S. states, and now Adidas will soon be wooing more of their own devotees by live-streaming girls’ high school volleyball and soccer games.
Through a partnership with Twitter and Intersport, Adidas will spotlight select women’s high school teams from across the country in competition and will continue that effort through the year. As part of the second installment of the athletic brand’s “She Break Barriers” initiative, this digital effort is meant to help offset the dearth of media coverage for women’s sports in the U.S. Research shows that only 4 percent of the sports media coverage is dedicated to women’s sports, according to UNESCO.
The six games in the @3StripeLive series will be streamed internationally on Twitter and they will be produced by Intersport. As more companies race to build consumer loyalty at an increasingly younger age, Adidas is trying to get an edge on the competition by doing something rivals like Nike and Under Armour are not.
Friday night football games didn’t just inspire a drama series; they are also community-building across the U.S. Texas high school football games can reel in crowds of 50,000-plus. And just as such gatherings

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