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Austin Lee Mounts Solo Exhibition ‘Feels Good’ at Jeffrey Deitch

One morning ahead of the opening of his first solo exhibition at Jeffrey Deitch’s gallery, Austin Lee was solidly in the zone. Music from the band Wilco played from the computer speakers in his Long Island City subterranean studio, cups of paint were littered on the ground, and his colorful, large-scale paintings, in various stages, dotted the perimeter of the room. Soon, many would be carted across the East River and installed at the SoHo gallery, united under the tagline “Feels Good.”
“Whenever I do a show, I just make the work and then I start to see the connections between everything,” says Lee, himself streaked with the various pops of colors used in his airbrushed paintings. Much of his recent work stems from an exploration into the dichotomy of things that evoke both positive and negative effects. “The most obvious would be social media, like how it’s really nice to feel good that you have these likes, but then someone’s behind the scenes kind of controlling that, or even choosing when you see the likes,” he says. “You know what I mean? But it still feels good, too.”
Lee has harnessed technology, particularly emerging mediums, throughout his creative practice. His process

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