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Well done Virgin Atlantic – now all companies must ditch their makeup rules for women

By Zoe Williams

Requiring flight attendants to wear makeup forced them to do two jobs at once – actually look after passengers and play at being stereotypical air-hostesses

You always knew that Virgin Atlantic must have required its female flight attendants to wear makeup. They always looked so polished that any other explanation just wouldn’t have made sense. But it never really registered until this week, when the airline ditched the rule.

Where once cabin crew were reprimanded if their lipstick didn’t match their siren-red jacket, now they can go for neutral shades or – if they are really daring – wear no lipstick at all, like some kind of social worker.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/business/shortcuts/2019/mar/05/virgin-atlantic-all-companies-must-ditch-makeup-rules-for-women