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Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s Blue-eyed Birman, Choupette

PARIS — Since Karl Lagerfeld’s passing, many of his followers, quite understandably, are worried about his beloved cat: Choupette.
Born Aug. 15, 2011, Choupette started life as the pet of French model Baptiste Giabiconi, one of Lagerfeld’s discoveries. According to Choupette’s Wikipedia page, Lagerfeld was cat-sitting Choupette for Giabiconi, who was abroad. Upon the model’s return, he refused to hand her back.
Choupette scored. The designer famously liked to lavish attention on the feline, known as fashion’s most pampered pet, with two ladies-in-waiting — Françoise and Marjorie — caring for her full-time. Choupette was surely pampered by her two nannies, whom Karl would invite to the Chanel shows, introducing them to people close to him. Sébastien Jondeau, Lagerfeld’s bodyguard and personal assistant, was also tasked with watching over her.
According to the tome, “Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat,” released by Flammarion in 2014 — compiled by Patrick Mauriès and Jean-Christophe Napias, and featuring quotes by Lagerfeld on his favorite subject — the privileged cat also has her own private medical consultant, Dr. Yola Horn, and never travels without her custom-made luggage by Vuitton and Goyard.
The cat would join her owner for lunch and dinner, on the table, eating from

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