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Russian Brand WOS Staged an IRL Group Chat

GROUP CHAT: “I have a lot of crazy friends who behave terribly, but I always forgive them because we are so close,” confessed a model at the WOS by Andrey Artyomov (formerly known as “Walk of Shame”) presentation. “When you’ve been friends for so long, sometimes you forget to be polite.”
Friendship was among some of the topics discussed by the models at the event on Sunday, which took the form of a group conversation.
“I prefer to call it a meeting of friends rather than therapy,” said Artyomov about the performance, titled “Chamber of Empathy.” “When the federation put me on the official schedule for the first time in the six years I’ve been designing, I struggled with the traditional form of the presentation. I thought it was better to do a performance, but something real. So I called up friends of mine and young people from all around the world — Baghdad, Kiev, Minsk, Paris — and got them to start a conversation.”
Inspired by “Fight Club,” both the David Fincher movie and the Chuck Palahniuk book, a group of 15 twentysomethings sat in a circle in a dark room at Éléphant Paname sports club, while two of them faced each

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