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Karl Was the Ultimate Industry Role Model

He was beyond generous, and his energy was formidable — and infectious.
Karl Lagerfeld gave his all from the beginning of his career right up to the end — not only creating transporting shows and unforgettable collections, but also photos, short films, books, illustrations, collaborations galore — and enough wit, wisdom and kindness to assure his place in history, and in many hearts.
He represented the very best of this industry. He took fashion seriously — but never too seriously — and he never, ever tired of it, nor belittled it. He always saw the big picture, and took pride in the fact that fashion was no shallow, empty pursuit, but a dazzling ecosystem of creative people, an engine and mirror of the popular culture, and an industry that supported millions of jobs and preserved rare craft skills.
Yes, he was prone to saying controversial things in the press and during live television broadcasts, but he had his reasons: “Well, I don’t want my lawyers to be unemployed,” he would say in his winking fashion.
He was riotously funny, attentive, endearing and surprisingly down to earth, despite his towering intelligence and imperious appearance. He was also a role model extraordinaire whose discipline, work ethic,

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