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Skechers Takes a Direct Hit at Nike’s Shoe Explosion Incident With New Ad

Skechers’ latest ad is a direct attack on Nike.
The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based brand has taken out an advertisement in print and online that calls out Nike in light of the Zion Williamson shoe explosion incident that occurred during the Duke-UNC game on Feb. 20. Williamson’s shoe fell apart on the court, leaving the freshman with a minor injury and an unusable pair of sneakers.

i usually wouldn’t implore you to buy the paper for an ad, but you’ll never see shade like [squints] skechers is throwing at nike on page 3 of tomorrow’s nyt sports section again pic.twitter.com/wu9tQGacrf
— Josh Crutchmer (@jcrutchmer) March 2, 2019

“Just blew it,” the top copy of the ad reads, showing an image of broken kicks. In smaller text underneath the Skechers logo, it says: “We won’t split on you.”
The comfort shoes brand has placed the ad in multiple national newspapers, including USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. New York Times design editor Josh Crutchmer revealed on Instagram that it will appear on page 3 of the Times’ sports section tomorrow. Eagle-eyed Instagram users have also spotted it on their feeds.

Skechers Instagram ad takes shot at Nike & Zion Incident. pic.twitter.com/huDcC9u21s
— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) March 1, 2019


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