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Inside Kenzo Takada’s Flamboyant Birthday Bash

TURNING EIGHTY: It was a night to remember. There were glittering chandeliers, blooming cherry trees (fake) and flitting butterflies (real) at Kenzo Takada’s 80th birthday party, held at the Pavillon Ledoyen on Thursday. But it was the people-watching that proved the most entertaining.
A testament to Takada’s loyal friendships over the years, some of the Japanese designer’s oldest acquaintances turned up to party like it was 1970 all over again.
“The first time I met Kenzo was at Le Palace,” said film director Eva Ionesco. “He was very drunk and dressed as a woman. He climbed up a curtain and promptly fell down.”
Model Pat Cleveland was looking radiant in her gold dress, twirling a gold fan – the accessory de rigueur that night, given to guests as they walked in.
“I have so many memories with Kenzo – traveling round the world, going to Mount Fuji, dancing in the rain, showing off wherever we went,” said the model, who also met the designer at iconic Parisian club Le Palace in the early 1970s. “But also the big celebration shows that he would do: he was the first designer to ever do fashion shows that were actual entertainment. And that was back in the Seventies!”

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