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Here’s Why You Should Take Off Your Shoes When Entering Your Home

I like to consider myself a gracious hostess, always welcoming friends and family to my home. However, most visitors know that upon entering my house, I ask that they remove their shoes. I have even gone as far as hanging a sign on my front door on a rainy day, reminding them to take off their shoes. I even have several pairs of inexpensive slippers or slipper socks on hand for those who don’t want to walk around in their socks. This way, frequent visitors will have them on hand when they return.
Or, take a tip from home guru Martha Stewart, who gives guests a hint by leaving her own shoes lined up near a basket of slippers at her front door. And, who would argue with Stewart?
While the practice of removing shoes upon entering the home may not be a practice in the U.S., it is common in countries such as Japan, and even in our own state of Hawaii. So, don’t feel shy about asking guests. You are not only helping to keep your home clean, but preventing the spread of bacteria from shoes that can cause health issues.
Ravel, a U.K.-based women’s footwear retailer recently commissioned a study

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