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What Walmart Is Doing to Address Social Backlash Over Greeter Layoffs

Following backlash over its decision to eliminate blue-vested “people greeter” positions, Walmart has announced that it is taking “specific steps” to find alternative jobs for disabled workers.
The retail giant came under fire this week when news surfaced that it would replace its greeter roles with “customer hosts.” The responsibilities would include lifting heavy packages, climbing ladders and standing for long hours — duties that may pose problems for people with disabilities. The transition would occur in late April and affect employees at 1,000 stores across the country.
In a memo sent to store managers on Thursday night, Walmart U.S. president and CEO Greg Foran acknowledged that the retailer’s decision has “created some conversation” both within the company and in the public.
“In terms of the associates with disabilities who are transitioning out of the people greeter position, we recognize these people face a unique situation. And because not all disabilities are the same, each case requires a thoughtful solution,” wrote president and CEO Greg Foran. “For that reason, we are looking into each one on an individual basis with the goal of offering appropriate accommodations that will enable these associates to continue in other roles with their store.”
Walmart associates affected by the

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