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The Man With the World’s Largest Feet Has a Shoe Size That’ll Blow Your Mind

Ever wondered who holds the record for world’s largest feet — and what size shoes that person sports? As it turns out, Guinness World Records keeps track of this stat. Here’s all you need to about the record.
The Man With the Record
The current record for the world’s largest feet is held by 22-year-old Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández of Venezula. Hernández, an avid basketball player, says he’s had trouble finding shoes that fit since childhood.

Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández getting fitted with a new pair of shoes.

CREDIT: Guinness World Records

“Finding shoes in my size was never easy. I already struggled to find my size when I was 16 years old. Guinness World Records made me appreciate myself more, especially the value of the size of my feet,” he said. “Today I’m proud to have the biggest feet on earth.”
His Foot Measurements
Hernández’ feet measure in at 40.55 cm (1.33 ft) and 40.47 cm (1.32 ft), which puts him at a whopping U.S. size 26. Sultan Kösen, who is the tallest man in the world standing at 8 foot 3, has feet that are only slightly smaller than Hernández’s.
How He Hets His Shoes
There’s no marketplace that offers size 26 footwear for regular retail sale

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