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Protection, Empowerment Central Themes at U.N. Women for Peace Association Awards

No one needs reminding that the world is not a peaceful place, but attendees at Friday’s United Nations Women for Peace Association’s annual luncheon preferred to focus on the positive.
While the annual event honored actor-director-producer Ben Stiller, fashion designer Naeem Khan, philanthropists Albert and Deidre Pujols and “India’s Daughter” filmmaker Leslee Udwin, their messages stressed the need for greater women’s empowerment, improved training, workers’ rights and safety.
Before the program got under way, former New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, who cochaired the event, spoke of what needs to happen for fashion companies to help with the problem of human trafficking. “Attention has to be drawn to it. It’s a problem that is sort of under the radar. It exists to a large extent in Eastern Europe, Central America and South America,” he said. “Sometimes it’s not as obvious as you think it would be. There is leverage being exerted against relatives, a village or something like that. It does not necessarily come to the fore; even when you question these young women, they are not coming forward with information in many instances. They have to consider what’s being held over them so it’s not always easy to investigate the

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