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Picture perfect Loewe wows Paris with selfie-inspired show

By Morwenna Ferrier in Paris

John Anderson pays tribute to the digital age with a mix of crowd-pleasers and avant-garde

Clothes are never the sole focus at a Loewe show. But on a damp Friday morning in Paris, its craft-loving creative director, Jonathan Anderson, continued to explore the conversation between art and fashion by centring his autumn collection on the selfie.

Inspired by what is thought to be the earliest example of one – a photograph by the amateur chemist Robert Cornelius in 1839, which appeared in the invitations – the idea was to view clothes as one would a photograph. If selfies are about scrutiny and perfection, says the Northern Irish designer, why not treat the clothes with the same reverence?

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/mar/01/loewe-john-anderson-selfie-paris-fashion-week