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Odessa Adlon, Out on Her Own

For children of Hollywood actors, it usually goes one of two ways: either their parents are more than ready to open all doors for their child to join them in the industry, or they want them to have nothing to do with it.
Pamela Adlon falls in the second camp.
“My mom didn’t want me acting when I was younger,” says Odessa Adlon, the 19-year-old middle daughter of Pamela Adlon and Felix O. Adlon, over the phone from L.A. “Like when I was eight, she’d say yes in exchange for not arguing with my sisters, and for an eight-year-old that’s just not going to happen — so I just never got it.”
When she turned 15, her mom let up and she set out for her first audition, for “American Housewife.”
“I was awful, so bad. I will never forget it,” she says. “My manager told me when you read for an audition, no T-shirts with logos on them or designs, and to wear black pants, so I would just go into auditions wearing the plainest thing, and I hated it. Then once I — it sounds cheesy — but once I found myself in the auditioning process, I realized I could wear whatever

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