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Nike Air Max 95 Crab Shoes Look Good Enough to Eat

It’s been quite a week for themed sneaker drops. With Saucony Original’s releasing the Avocado Toast sneaker and Ewing Athletics with its pickle shoe, it comes as no surprise that Nike decided to add another culinary element to the mix.
The leaked Nike Air Max 95 Crab shoe features a smiling embroidered crab cartoon on the reflective tongue. Nike cleverly placed the nautical creature at the center of each shoe, giving the crustacean a swoosh-mouth smile.

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A crabby Air Max 95 appears. Check the tongue logo! For a closer look, tap the link in our bio.
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The body of the shoe is decked out in reddish-orange, black and white, giving a nod to the crab’s cooked outer shell. The sides have white and reddish-orange patent leather, making a nice contrast to the playful shoe.
The crab-colored lace loops also provide a pop to the black laces and white toe. For the insole, the athletic brand decided to give the shoe a blend of blue and yellow coloring. The pairing bears a striking resemblance to Old Bay seasoning, a popular seafood spice.

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