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Australian Designers Band Together To Launch Retail Collective

SYDNEY – A problem shared is a problem halved – or in the case of new Sydney retail collective Our Store, a problem divided by six.
Opening on Saturday in the Sydney suburb of Paddington, Our Store is the brainchild of Croatian-Australian designer Karla Spetic.
A regular on the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia since 2008 and known for her feminine tailoring and unique prints, Spetic has teamed with five other brands to pool resources to lease and fit-out a 237-square-foot boutique at 37 Elizabeth St.
All but two of the brands are Sydney-based. There is also Gary Bigeni, new luxury lingerie line Ame Nue Intimates, Venice jewelry and Melbourne footwear brand Post Sole Studio.
Italian sustainable eyewear brand Pagani is the only international label and will be represented by its Australian distributor Umberto Ianni.
The cost of the fit-out was 200 Australian dollars, or $142 apiece, with all work done by the designers and their friends.
The Sydney partners will also take turns staffing the store.
“That was the idea, to keep the overheads down to offer a really unique retail experience – we can have a one-on-one connection with our customers” said Spetic.

Our Store, a new shared retail space in the Sydney suburb of

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