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Paco Rabanne RTW Fall 2019

Paco Rabanne designer Julien Dossena wants women to feel the love. “I want quality fashion, not parkas and sweatshirts,” he said backstage before his fall show. “I can do that and I do, and it sells a lot, but my job as a designer is doing something where you can see the love and the work.”
He broke free of the brand’s chainmail heritage to articulate his own decorative vision. “I was searching for beauty, what does glamour mean now and how can you contextualize it in a contemporary way?”
The answer was in a mix of Golden Age Hollywood and early Eighties British dandyism (Adam Ant, Roxy Music, Brian Eno and the like) with a dash of Fifties French couture fantasy. In other words, old world meets new wave.
There were plenty of reasons to want to dress up. Thirties screen siren bias-cut gowns in floral velvet or liquid silk-satin accented with jewelry-like embroideries, for one. They came with beaded cardigans, black patterned stockings and mary janes for an haute allure, or with Deco wave-patterned knits layered underneath the dresses and cowboy boots on the feet for a more contemporary cool. Bias-cut skirts were also desirable, none more so than a black-and-silver

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Via:: https://wwd.com/runway/fall-ready-to-wear-2019/paris/paco-rabanne/review/