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From bags to bathmats: why fashion loves the evil eye

By Leah Harper

It is an ancient symbol that crosses cultures and religions – and it is now being used on anything from T-shirts to cushion covers. But its adoption by designers is nothing new

Once you start noticing the evil eye, you can’t stop seeing it. Or rather, it can’t stop seeing you. The eye, whose “pupil” often comes in cobalt blue and is occasionally adorned with eyelashes, has been a recurring motif in fashion over the years, from the necklace worn by Willow Smith for Chanel’s AW16 eyewear campaign, to Elie Saab’s eye-embellished dresses from the spring 2017 couture collection, to Gigi Hadid’s Eyelove and Eyelovemore shoe designs with Stuart Weitzman the same year. But, more recently, the trend has intensified.

Coach 1941’s 2019 Cruise collection put an evil eye on sweaters, while Nicole Miller’s most recent show included a scattering of eyes across jackets, dresses and skirts. When Asos launched its homeware collection, Supply, at the beginning of the month it contained an “eye see you” cushion cover, bedspread and bath mat, as well as an eye-shaped mirror. Topshop is selling evil eye ankle socks and the symbol can be seen on sold out T-shirts from Urban Outfitters and on sweatshirts, bags and shoes at Kenzo.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/feb/28/bags-bathmats-why-fashion-loves-evil-eye-symbol