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Florence Pugh and Mia Goth Talk Screen Projects At Chloé

SUPPORTING ROLES: It was all sisterhood in the front row at the Chloé show. Looking forward to seeing Juliette Binoche, Mia Goth kept her seat warm while she waited for the French actress’s arrival. The two star together in “High Life,” the English film debut from producer Claire Denis, a sci-fi thriller filmed in Germany, that comes out in April.
“We’re convicts and we get sent to space — we’re exploring reproductive possibilities and black holes,” explained Goth.
When Binoche finally managed to break through the snarl of traffic that formed around her, the two embraced warmly before taking to their seats for photos.
Florence Pugh politely scooted to the side to clear room — a less-crowded photo would turn out better — before quietly settling back into place. The photographers quickly turned their lenses on her.
She plays the star role in a wrestling film “Fighting with My Family” — “very glamorous,” she laughed, which was released last week. Next up, is a “complete opposite” style of movie — Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women,” which comes out at Christmas.
“I play Amy, with all the dresses, all the corsets and all the petticoats,” she said. Her gran had read the book to her when she

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