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WWD Beauty Forum: Making Digital Scents

All the senses are required to sell fragrances online. Like rainbow hues and impossible-to-ignore music on the company’s web site.
That’s how digital native fragrance brands such as Phlur and Pinrose are making the most of their products.
“You smell first with your eyes, then you use your other senses to put scent into context,” Eric Korman, chief executive officer and cofounder of Phlur, said during WWD’s Beauty Forum on Wednesday.
“Once we learned that, we thought, ‘This is great.’ We can use visuals; we can use music; we can use words, which is by the way all the things we gave to the perfumers as stimulation for them to create the fragrances in the beginning,” he said.
Both Phlur and Pinrose wanted to create a fragrance platform that was devoid of pushy department store associates and the synchronous orchestra of smells that so often lead to decision fatigue.
But selling what Korman described as a “non-demonstrative” product through a screen comes with obstacles.
The solution: Stimulate the other scents during the purchasing experience, including sight and sound.

Phlur’s curated web site creates a mood for each scent.

Phlur’s nine signature scents come with color-coordinated product pages and Spotify lists.
“So you can literally hear the soundtrack to that fragrance,”

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