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Victoria/Tomas RTW Fall 2019

In Paris, inspiration is around every street corner. “We were walking around the 19th arrondissement one day, looking at Parisiennes going to the boulangerie, to the florist, to vintage shops,” said Victoria Feldman, who designs for the brand alongside Tomas Berzins. “We thought, why not mix all these references to create the wardrobe of a woman who lives and breathes Paris?”
Striped shirts, the brand’s signature, were merged with Liberty blouses to create long dual-sided shirtdresses, blending a working-girl vibe with a more relaxed feel. Colors popped — bright yellow, tomato red and violet — while prints were more muted, like a black-and-white Vichy or a navy flower pattern. Some pieces were inspired by thrift-store finds: a wool coat with military-style pockets had curved seams running down the front to create a more feminine silhouette, while a voluminous shirt hinted at chunky ski sweaters.
Despite the looks being quite layered — safari jackets worn over long skirts, a sparkly turtleneck peeping out of a striped shirt — the collection was deliberately light and breezy. “Nowadays in Paris the temperatures can hit 18 degrees Celcius in winter, so we didn’t want the silhouettes to be too heavy,” said Feldman on a day when

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Via:: https://wwd.com/runway/fall-ready-to-wear-2019/paris/victoria-tomas/review/