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The Remaking of Bldwn Into an American Fashion Brand

LOS ANGELES — Bldwn’s has received acclaim for its Midwestern aesthetic, but scaling the label into a global brand through a combination of new design work and retail is the current challenge.
The company most recently nabbed former Rag & Bone U.S. director of retail Stephen SaeOng, to head up its own retail strategy. His hire is one of a number of steps the company’s taken over the past year or so to remake itself beyond its regional and denim roots.
“I joined the company about a year and a half ago, and when I came on I was tasked with taking the brand that, at the time was more Kansas City, Midwest and regionally focused, and growing it to a national, global level,” said president Johnathan Crocker.
Since Crocker’s hiring, the brand was renamed from Baldwin to Bldwn, with a North Star that draws its inspiration from American design. The creative team, branding and marketing relocated to Los Angeles last April and a new women’s design team was established. Matt and Emily Baldwin, the company’s founders, continue to sit on the company’s board and remain in Kansas City where functions, such as finance, human resources and operations reside.
The efforts of the new design

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