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Shady Sellers Are Damaging Brands Online — But There’s a Way to Fight Back

Before the proliferation of online marketplaces, brands could be confident in knowing exactly who was selling their products, on what platforms and at what prices. Now, with unauthorized sellers trying to hawk items at reduced — and unapproved — rates, brands are risking damage to their corporate reputations. What’s more, retailers also are seeing reduced margins as they’re forced to stay competitive.
Fortunately, there’s a solution: a rigorous and updated distribution agreement, coupled with a thoughtful MAP (minimum advertised price) policy.
“Most brands have a distribution agreement in place,” said Ryan Erickson, CEO and founder of Trackstreet, an SaaS platform that helps companies reduce brand and pricing policy violations. “But do they have enough data to be able to specifically call out whether a store dealer can sell their items anywhere on the internet, only on their website or only in-store? Or do they just have a policy that says that they’re an authorized dealer of their product?”
An open policy leaves a brand vulnerable to integrity damage, as consumers question why the brand is pushing for higher prices than the ones displayed on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Brands also might see their valued retail partners choosing not to sell their products

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