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Scooter LaForge Creates Art for the Body and Soul

Scooter LaForge’s fertile mind finds an outlet in everything from a blank canvas to T-shirts and jackets.
An example of the former, his “Homo Eruptus” series of monumental paintings, can be seen at Howl Happening gallery through March 13, and Spring/Break, March 5 to 11. The works combine queer imagery such as bunnies, bears and SpongeBob, with references to prehistoric cave paintings and the New York’s gay bars and sex clubs that were the stomping grounds of the artist’s youth. LaForge links it all to the erotic murals of Pompeii and the tragedy of the Roman city, which was destroyed in 79 A.D. by Mount Vesuvius.
“Homo Eruptus” grew out of a mural La Forge recently painted outside the Tel Aviv Municipal Youth LGBT Community Center where four teenagers were murdered in 2009. Ominous dark clouds swirl above the flirtatious rabbit, birds, cat and monkey in the mural. “I made it very kid-friendly,” he said. “I collaborated with Rona Kenan, a folk/pop singer, who is a gay icon in Israel. The mural is called, ‘Would you be my girlfriend.’”
In one of the “Homo Eruptus” works, titled, “Federico, Will You Be My Girlfriend,” the two horsed figures entered the artist’s imagination through Fellini’s

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