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Oscars 2019: the red carpet, the ceremony and the winners – live!

By Stuart Heritage, Morwenna Ferrier and Lauren Cochrane

Lights, camera, action: the curtain is up on the 91st Academy Awards and we’re here from red carpet to after parties to bring you the news, rumours and frocks

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Take away the red carpet and Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh could be going out on a date. This is a pretty lowkey look for Williams who, with his skater background, has a bit of a thing for shorts, while Lasichanh has tights on, something not often seen on the red carpet. The duo should be admired for their laid-back take on Oscars style – in a sea of Proper Gowns, they have a refreshing quality: nonchalance.

Bucking the trend for hot pink dress and/or a massive train is The Favourite’s Rachel Weisz, who has arrived in a superlative two-part gown – the top is a cropped red latex T-shirt and the bottom is a tulle embellished skirt with a gently cinched waist. Modern meets Victoriana, much like the film. The Greco-silver headband is straight off the spring/summer catwalk – expect to see a few more of these …

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/film/live/2019/feb/24/oscars-2019-live-latest-red-carpet-ceremony-winners-aftermath