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Glenn Close, Boots Riley and Tilda Swinton Coast the 34th Film Independent Spirit Awards

Uncharacteristically brisk SoCal winds over Santa Monica Beach sent actresses KiKi Layne, Yalitza Aparicio and Dakota Johnson rushing down the blue carpet before Saturday’s 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards. But a handful of stars were determined to brave the elements to speak about the Hollywood film projects, which can require a similar degree of vigor.
“I’ve always loved, and I always will love, independent films,” mused Annie Starke, who arrived to support her mother Glenn Close (Best Female Lead winner) for “The Wife.” “I think it’s where brave people tell incredible stories and they do so with fervor. They fight for it and I love that.”
Serial indie filmmaker John Waters (“Hairspray,” “Pink Flamingoes”), who was dressed in a Walter van Beirendonck suit, noted that the battle is often at the bank. “When I was making independent films you could get more money because the studios were doing them,” he said. “The budget has gone way down for what you can get. We need the Spirit Awards more than ever. Today’s filmmakers have a harder time getting financed.”
However, Boots Riley, who directed “Sorry to Bother You,” expressed hope for the genre. “I think more people are going to be jumping into independent

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