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Ade Samuel: 'At the start of my career, I received lots of nos'

By Ade Samuel

One of Hollywood’s most prominent black stylists is using her position to bring diversity to the Oscars red carpet

The Oscars is such a huge moment but when it comes to styling my clients, it comes down to how best to create a story with clothes. The moment that the new year begins, my team and I begin planning every look I’m going to try on during awards season. This year, we asked Michael B Jordan, Letitia Wright and Cynthia Erivo how they would like to feel and then I take it from there, utilising the knowledge I have of the runway to figure out the right pieces to fit.

When it comes to diversity in the industry, I can honestly say I’ve seen a change from when I first started as a Teen Vogue fashion assistant in 2010. You did not see a lot of people like me. It was very rare to see black stylists and black editors being celebrated by the masses and in high-level positions.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/feb/24/ade-samuel-at-the-start-of-my-career-i-received-lots-of-nos