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Yola’s ‘Walk Through Fire’ Album Debut Signals a Change in Country

When the British country singer Yola began work on her new album, she sat down with her producer, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, and told him the story of the fire that changed her life.
The fire happened in Bristol, her hometown, around Christmastime in 2015. Yola, born Yolanda Quartey, was in her living room. Her dress suddenly became lapped up by flames from her fireplace, and she was, in her own words, “a human torch.”
A couple years before, she’d gotten out of a toxic relationship — one that spanned her romantic life since her teenage years, her work and creative life in the band Phantom Limb, and her social life. As she tells it, the union with an “autocratic, patriarchal superbro” created a controlling environment that stifled her, decimating her sense of inspiration and will to be a musician. But she escaped, eventually. She freed herself, and had since carved out a new life, one in which she made her own decisions. And then, she was on fire.
“That moment of burning, my first thought was ‘Ahh!’” she screams, while sitting for an interview in Manhattan a couple weeks before her latest record drops on Feb. 22. “Second thought was, ‘I

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