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Why a Nike Sneaker Falling Apart on-Court Won’t Hurt the Brand

For Nike Inc., the cost of an embarrassing on-court moment is likely to amount to nothing more than a drop in the bucket — or a split in the sneaker seam.
The brand saw its stock shed around 1 to 2 percent Thursday on heels of the viral moment when Duke Blue Devils basketball star Zion Williamson’s Nike PG 2.5 shoe split in half about 30 seconds into a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels.
But the firm’s shares quickly reversed those modest losses today and remained in the green about 1 percent this afternoon, lending credence to the argument that the global behemoth could readily withstand major and minor public hiccups.
While Nike is certainly not damage-proof, a major reason the brand could shoulder public firestorms is that many such social media-born moments are hardly epic (even if they appear that way on the internet).
“This kind of situation [where a sneaker malfunctions] is not uncommon,” explained Matt Powell, The NPD Group Inc.’s senior sports industry analyst. “There have been instances over the years when a shoe [simply] failed — in similar kinds of circumstances. This is one shoe, and Nike makes hundreds of millions of pairs of shoes. Even if the whole line

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