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Joanna Vargas on Her New Salon and Expanding Into the Body Category

In 2006, Joanna Vargas opened her first salon: a 300-square-foot suite at 501 Fifth Avenue in New York. Last month, she unveiled her newest space: a sprawling spa overlooking Bryant Park that occupies the entire third floor of the same building.
“When my husband and I started our salon 12-and-a-half years ago, we started in a very small space, but I wanted to focus on doing one great facial at a time and making the facials so special that each client would leave wanting to tell somebody about us,” said Vargas. “That’s how we built the business and that’s how we’ve grown it.”

Inside a treatment room at Joanna Vargas’ Fifth Avenue salon.
Jeremiah Unruh

Vargas, the go-to facialist for stars such as Constance Wu, Elisabeth Moss and Jennifer Garner, has become known for her treatments, including the highly requested Triple Crown Facial, $250 for 60 minutes, and popular RevitaLight Bed, $150 for 20 minutes, which she patented in 2013. In 2011, she entered skin care with just four products, aka “the basics.” The line now spans 20 sku’s and has found success in top-selling items such as the Daily Serum, $85, the Exfoliating Mask, $75, and the Vitamin C Face Wash, $40.
Though Vargas

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