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High Air Pollution Is Hell For Asthmatics: 'It Feels Like My Lungs Are On Fire'

By Rachel Moss

For most of us, warm, still weather is reason to celebrate – an opportunity to bunk off work early to enjoy the great outdoors, preferably with a drink in hand. But for people with asthma, an unseasonably warm snap can be something to dread, especially if it’s accompanied
Air Pollution Is Increasing Asthma Hospital Visits, But Pollution Near Hospitals Could Be Making You Sicker

  • 44 UK Towns And Cities Fail Pollution Guidelines, With Glasgow Topping List

  • One Hour On Tube As Toxic As Spending Entire Day By A Busy Road
  • Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/what-its-like-to-have-asthma-in-high-air-pollution-it-feels-like-my-lungs-are-on-fire_uk_5c6d2f67e4b0e2f4d8a0fd33