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Tinder’s Ex-Marketing Director Hired by ZitSticka, A New Acne Brand for Millennials

Seeking love, finding acne patches.
Josh Metz, Tinder’s former director of marketing, is now the chief marketing officer of ZitSticka, a new direct-to-consumer acne brand that is set to launch Thursday. The brand’s hero product, The Killa, $29 for a box of eight, is a transdermal patch containing freeze-dried microdarts that help ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and salicylic acid penetrate the skin to help clear acne cysts in the early stages. The product also contains a gentle peptide meant to help kill acne-causing bacteria.
ZitSticka, which is aimed at Millennial and Gen Z consumers, was cofounded by Robbie Miller and Daniel Kaplan — friends of Metz’s from his native Australia, who sought Metz’s creative savvy to “beautify” the antiacne skin-care space with a marketing campaign in the minimalist style that has become ubiquitous amongst brands targeted at Millennials.
“When you look at the packaging on acne brands over the last 20 years, [from a design standpoint], it’s almost scary,” Metz said. “Our packaging normalizes acne treatment — it’s beautiful and you can leave it out on your shelf or your bathroom cabinet.”
The Killa is packaged in a sleek white box accented with peach font. A paid social and digital campaign features

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