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Prada RTW Fall 2019

Anatomy — the inner structure of something. So what is the “Anatomy of Romance,” the topic Miuccia Prada explored in her compelling show on Thursday night? By her lights — and probably, those of most people north of middle school — romance is a double-sided condition, on one hand, about rapture and happy heart palpitations and on the other, well, the opposite.
Such a dichotomy plays right into Prada’s creative sphere of opposition and contradiction. Point-counterpoint is where she lives. “Basically it’s a sort of will, a need to narrate the good and the bad together, which kind of corresponds with our times. So, this is it, more or less,” Prada said in her pre-show press conference. She opened that session by invoking Karl Lagerfeld, at once agreeing and disagreeing with him. “I want to say one thing,” Prada said. “Karl Lagerfeld said fashion designers should work and shut up. I have thought the same thing many times, but I believe we need to talk. An important voice is requested from fashion on many topics, so this is a job with a double face. On one side, [it] is industrial; on the other, it’s social, political etc.” While that comment applies

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Via:: https://wwd.com/runway/fall-ready-to-wear-2019/milan/prada/review/