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Nike’s Self-Lacing Adapt BB Sneaker Is Causing Connectivity Issues for Android Users

Last month, Nike unveiled its futuristic Adapt BB basketball sneaker, promising to bring the latest innovative self-lacing technology to the everyday consumer. The model’s standout FitAdapt tech is powered by a custom motor and gear embedded within the shoe that can be controlled through the smartphone app or by pressing the buttons on the side to create a looser or tighter fit as desired.
With all the anticipation building up to last week’s release, the kicks quickly sold out within an hour of its launch. Now that the customers have had their chance at testing out the sneakers, it appears that Android users are experiencing technical difficulties connecting their phones to the shoe.
According to various users on social media, Android’s version of the Adapt BB app has caused many issues, including disconnection during the syncing process, while others have stated that the latest software update has prevented the self-lacing motor from functioning entirely. Check out some of the reactions below:

The future is now, specifically that Nike didn’t QA the *android* version of their Adapt app as thoroughly as their iOS app, and all customers with Android devices now have bricked shoes due to broken firmware update routine. @internetofshit pic.twitter.com/vBgoHUC9Y4
— Jonathan Warner

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