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Marni designer Francesco Risso on older models, being a nerd and wearing two pairs of trousers

By Simon Chilvers

The eccentric young designer grew up on a boat and made his own clothes before taking over at fashion’s favourite arty brand. Here he talks about how his ‘hippy’ beginnings shaped his career as a designer

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During my interview with Marni creative director Francesco Risso, there is a fabulous moment when I ask him to tell me a secret. He pauses, looks skyward, then settles into his fuzzily upholstered bamboo chair. “I used to wear two pairs of pants [trousers], one on top of the other, when I was young because I was shy of my skinniness,” he laughs. “It was quite awkward to go around with two pairs of pants on, I can tell you.”

This personal childhood nugget – there are others, such as a memory of him skiing in double denim – goes some way to illustrating the designer’s early connections to clothing, while underlining the kind of wondrous awkwardness so associated with the Marni label. Wearing a bathrobe-esque monochrome checked coat, wide jeans, two shirts layered one over the other and a pair of square-toed loafers, Risso, 36, certainly looks the part. He has been at the Italian label’s helm since October 2016.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/feb/21/marni-designer-francesco-risso-on-older-models-being-a-nerd-and-wearing-two-pairs-of-trousers